Flex-Eboard – A Longboard in a League of its Own

Consumer Update

If you’re a longboard lover, then you’ll want to sit tight for this next one.

We encourage you to check out Flex-Eboard Rough Stuff Electric Longboard. And though there are a ton of electric longboards on the market, this board is in a league of its own.

Flex-Eboard works by instead integrating a battery pack into the deck and provides a flexible ‘bolt-on’ style for a further grounded ride. It also allows for deck changes and customization – so you won’t be stuck with just one design.

The board comes with regular wheels for regular cruising, but can be switched for their rough stuff wheels, which are larger and have a more knobbly tread for rougher terrain.

The Flex-Eboard goes up to 22 miles per hour and contains a wireless remote control that allows you to change speed and brake. Once you brake, the battery recharges and puts on a parking brake so you don’t have to get off the board.

Receive a total of 12 miles before you need to recharge, but due to its versatility, you can always ride without the motor. And if you’re also yearning to take your trip uphill, the Flex-Eboard cruises up to 10-20% slopes with ease.

In addition, you can stay protected from dust as well as from water with the anti-splash casing.

With the deck being made of multiple layers of bamboo, it’s super flexible and durable. It also comes with a full 1-year warranty with full UK support and spares available.

Just head to slickrevolution.co.uk to pick one up.



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