Rx.Health – Superior Digital Medicine Solutions


It’s no news to say that technology has come a long way. In fact, it only continues to advance as the years go on.

One method riding the wave of technological innovation is Rx.Health. Rx.Health is an enterprise app prescribing platform that lets hospitals and doctors prescribe apps and wearables that actually improve health.

See for yourself:

This app essentially brings Digital Medicine into health systems. Rx.Health finds apps that are proven to enhance health, typically through clinical trials. And with their Prescription Universe Platform, it simply allows doctors to prescribe those apps from right within their medical system.

With this system in place, doctors bring you right to the app store to download apps to your phone, so there’s no guessing which app the doctor ordered.

Rx.Health isn’t an app development company, but rather an app store for hospitals, showing them the best Digital Medicine solutions. This efficient and new practice of prescribing medicine provides patients the ability to directly link with their doctors via a download link sent through text message or email.

To make efforts even more efficient, Prescription Universe notifies the doctor when a patient clicks on the link to download the app and ensures the patient is using their prescribed Digital Medicine Solution.

Patients that the app will particularly improve quality of life are those who are struggling with managing chronic conditions. In fact, a recent study showed that three out of four doctors in hospitals are looking to use Digital Medicine and more than two-thirds of patients are eager for Digital Medicine apps.

Because of Rx.Health’s Prescription Universe, doctors, and patients can immediately start using Digital Medicine while hospitals and health systems get some major financial benefits.

If you have an upcoming doctor’s appointment, be sure to find out if they’re prescribing Digital Medicine through RxUniverse or let them know to visit Rx.health to learn more.


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