SwarmBox – Making Presentations Fun and Interactive

Consumer Update

Anyone who has spoken in front of a crowd knows how daunting of a task it can be. Luckily, there are ways you can make your presentation more engaging and interesting.

Enter SwarmBox.

With this nifty presentation platform, you can connect with your audience further by offering a means in which they can contribute to the presentation. SwarmBox’s objective is to make interaction with your audience easy, quick, and with better feedback.

Did we mention that SwarmBox also has its own Wifi? Because of this, you’re independent of notoriously failing and expensive hotel Wifi networks.

How does it work? You simply power up SwarmBox by connecting it to the projector or monitor and you’re ready to start clicking through surveys. In addition, it allows moments to brainstorm and for the audience to participate in exciting team games.

With your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the audience can contribute directly to the presentation. With these efforts, it helps to initiate participation whether it’s through answering questions, taking a poll, capturing suggestions, or even taking a selfie. That’s right, a selfie! You can have all members taking an end-of-presentation selfie to form a collage.

SwarmBox has all results appear in real-time on the screen and seamlessly act as an authentic part of the overall process.

In addition, SwarmBox can be used as an interactive element that breaks through the usual monotony of workshops, meetings, events, and corporate training to encourage audience engagement.

SwarmBox also offers the following products:

  • Cloud
  • Virtual Appliance

Interested in kicking your presentations up a notch? Head to SwarmBox’s website today at swarmbox.io.




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