The Travel Angel – Fly Within Your Rights


We don’t have to regale you with the horror stories of booting passengers off their flight after they’ve rightfully purchased their ticket. And let’s face it, flying can be scary enough all on its own, but wondering if your seat is guaranteed shouldn’t have to be another concern. Something you may not know is that right when you purchase a ticket, you gain fly rights.

An app that lets you have these rights on demand is The Travel Angel.

If something unfair happens to you while you’re at the airport or during your flight, you can open the app to the Federal Governments Rules and Regulations on Airline Travel -a.k.a., your fly rights.

The Travel Angel’s goal is to inform passengers that once they purchase a ticket, there is a contract put into place.

For example, if your flight is oversold, you can determine if you have the right to be properly compensated by the airline. This method is great to literally have in your back pocket as you can also use The Travel Angel to book hotels, dinner reservations, and Uber rides. It’ll also send you weather and worldwide travel alerts throughout your trip.

When it comes to your flying rights, you should always stand up for them. This app facilitates that process to make it simpler.

If you’re interested in downloading The Travel Angel, you can for 99 cents on either iOS or Android.


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