AIMM – Your Personal, Virtual Matchmaker


When it comes to dating, it’s become highly prevalent to scout out prospects via your mobile device. One app in particular that helps virtually match you with your best suitor is AIMM.

If you’re looking for someone serious to settle down and have a future with, AIMM can help weed out the best candidates.

AIMM is essentially a matchmaking service that uses artificial intelligence. Once you open the app, you’ll be greeted by an automated voice to tell you more about your suitor. And after some time, the A.I. matchmaker will facilitate a phone call between you and your match.

In addition, AIMM uses the world’s most advanced servers and technology to find your matches. With its ability to learn face recognition, you’ll never encounter a virtual matchmaker this spot on.

AIMM will begin by asking questions that have to do with what you prefer to do on your first date. This app is always eager to learn and know more about you in order for you to experience a fantastic first date that is hopefully followed by much more.

Once AIMM has gotten to know you, it starts by introducing prospects like a real human matchmaker would.

AIMM also includes the following:

  • A 100% conversational app as it works as the world’s first fully conversational app
  • Offers artificial intelligence that simplifies your dating life and allows you to guide your matches
  • No passwords or usernames are required and you can enjoy facial recognition to access the app
  • Automatic reminders

AIMM is loaded with features that can be used either online or offline with a day and night mode.

Start fishing for your match today by heading to today.


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