HiNative – Native Speakers Helping You Learn Their Language


When one learns another language, it’s not only an exciting endeavor, but it’s a unifying one.

HiNative is a Q&A platform that offers over 100 languages to learn with 250 countries that are supported.

Through this app, HiNative users can ask questions about virtually any language they’re interested in. Likewise, users can answer questions about their native language and get answers from real native speakers around the world.

Using at-home language learning tools is good, but the benefit of clarifying or asking questions of those who speak the language natively is invaluable.

With 7 question templates that are translated into each user’s native language, HiNative eliminates the barrier of having to know the basics of a language before you can ask questions about it.

The template tool makes it easy for novices to ask great language questions. The community is also made up of kind, helpful users who want to help you advance in your language learning journey. In addition, you can receive assistance with your pronunciation; all you have to do is upload an audio answer to get tips and pointers from other users.

Other features that HiNative employs is enabling users to post audio of them speaking a foreign language and invite tips on their pronunciation from native speakers. HiNative doesn’t just stop at language lessons but can provide answers to questions one may have regarding countries and regions around the world from those who live there.

The response time for a HiNative user is typically under an hour and frequently within 5 minutes, making it a real-time solution for learning a new language. So, if you have a hankering for being schooled on new languages and cultures, HiNative can help you out.

Speak like a native with HiNative! Download it for free in the Google Play or App Store OR visit hinative.com today.


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