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Did you know that about 36% of people who want to lose weight while there are countless others who just want to be healthier? In addition to that, 58 million Americans spend $21 billion a year on gym memberships while 38 million of those Americans never even go.

Alright, so if that’s the problem, then we have a solution. That solution is EngageMore.

EngageMore is a software that helps gyms to engage more intelligently and efficiently with their members. Instead of just warm bodies walking into the gym with no identity, EngageMore makes it a much more personal experience.

How Does it Work?

Once members sign in, their pictures appear with relevant information that includes whether they are a new member or not.

Staff can then use this software to record wellness goals and conversations they have with the member.

EngageMore focuses on a true and genuine understanding of each member. In turn, this can facilitate staff to recommend programs that may better assist them to reach their goals.

Not only does this prove more conducive for member and staff relationships, but include better member retention that will increase revenue.

Benefits of EngageMore

  • Extremely user-friendly – online training videos in conjunction with one-on-one onboarding to ensure your organization has a successful launch.
  • Taking the Guess Work Out – staff no longer has to guess who they should engage with. EngageMore labels new and high-risk members as well as Flag members who match current program offerings
  • Makes Your Job Easier – staff can provide quality service to members every day all while allowing you to focus on the big picture. EngageMore’s back and reporting site offers up to the minute stats on usage and performance so you can utilize the data for specific marketing tactics and custom member solutions.

If you’re wondering how staff can truly keep an eye on all its members, EngageMore offers gym leaders real-time stats and graphs showing how focused staff engagement is impacting member experience.

If you’re interested in learning more about EngageMore, head on over to engagemore.com and request a demo!


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