Nurie – Turning Paper Coloring into Digital Creations


Step aside kids, adults are movin’ in on your territory! Though coloring books are considered a great past time for kids, they’ve also been proven therapeutic and beneficial for adults.

This is where Nurie comes in.

Designed under the supervision of Mr. Kobayashi Kiroyuki, a leading authority in the autonomic nervous system, Nurie’s coloring app defines the word “tranquility.”

Intended to relax its users, Nurie provides beautiful Japanese patterns to color. Enjoy gorgeous pictures of flowers, mandala, animals, and landscapes.

Illustrations of cherry blossoms and themes are representative of animals in Japanese culture and will make you think of none other than Japan! Also choose from elaborate art depicting Japanese landscapes, animals, and plants.

With just a simple touch, you can fill each section with vivid colors that will stimulate your mind and put you into a relaxed state.

Who knew that such a simple activity could help alleviate stress. Nurie uses a multitude of colors to help raise the activity of your autonomic nerves.

Other benefits of coloring help when you’re in a state of any of the following:

  • irritation
  • getting ready for bed
  • sickness
  • difficult times

And once you’re done with a pattern, you can upload it to the gallery inside Nurie for others to enjoy.

You can also browse the gallery to view coloring projects that other users have submitted.

Nurie also includes more of the following:

  • cancel and redo coloring
  • color
  • create new pallets at will
  • submit pallets made by yourself
  • filters
  • and more

While there are countless coloring apps on the market, few truly capture the essence of Japanese art that allows you to become part of the creation.

Interested? Download Nurie by heading to the App and Google Play store today.


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