Samuel Hubbard Shoes – Longlasting and High-Quality Walking Shoes

Consumer Update

Samuel Hubbard Shoe company has been in the biz for over 85 years and for good reason. It’s simply because they deliver incredible footwear.

Founded by Bruce Katz, Samuel Hubbard is known for their immaculate attention to detail and quality craftsmanship. Their shoes are handmade from the finest materials and are specifically designed to coddle your feet.

We know they mean quality because the President of our company walks around wearing them all the time!

How is each shoe made?

Each shoe is handcrafted from the highest quality leathers chosen from around the world. Samuel Hubbard’s designs work with the finest shoemakers in the world.

If we take a look at the craftsmanship built into every shoe, we can see Proprietary Vibram soles are designed for utmost comfort and durability. In addition, they have the best soles in the business that contain triple-density memory foam insoles. These insoles feature superior-comfort Poron under a layer of silky smooth leather.

What is the quality of each shoe?

Each shoe is water-resistant while some are even waterproof. The silky-smooth leather conforms to the individual shape of your foot for a perfect fit. And if you wish to remove it if you wish to use your own orthodontics.

For example, Samuel Hubbard’s Mt. Tam and Northcoast boots use an oil tanned, full grain leather upper that provides premium protection against the elements.

The full-glove leather lining delivers a soft feel and breathability while eliminating pressure points.

If you’re also interested in a quality walking shoe, the Vibram Carramato hiking sole offers confident footing and daily support.

And if all the previous comforts of Hubbard’s shoes weren’t enough, they take it up a notch by offering Triple Density memory foam insole that sports silky smooth leather for additional breathability.

Honestly, this all sounds like a dream for your feet.

If you’re interested in seeing more of what Samuel Hubbard Shoes have to offer, head to today to peruse their collection.



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