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When it comes to truck drivers, there are rules and regulations kept in place in order to ensure that they’re on the road safe. In order to stay compliant with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA, trucks will be enforced to have hours of service computer system installed by December of this year. And because truck drivers are essentially the backbone of our national logistics and delivery system, they kinda should have as little headache to deal with as possible.

Enter GeoWiz.

GeoSpace Labs’ premiere product, Geowiz PRO, is the best-kept secret on the market. With its sports advanced geospatial features, it’s designed as a cutting edge first-of-its-kind Carrier Information System that includes a FMCSA compliant Hours of Service ELD.

With a one-time cost, trucks will receive both the hardware and software needed to stay compliant.

Its simple hardware connection to the engine through a small button with an accompanying app for the phone or tablet.

Geowiz PRO is quick, responsive, customizable, and comprehensive. In addition, it offers tools to help a dispatcher run a fleet effectively and efficiently. This product has the potential to act as an adhesive between driver and dispatcher by assisting to optimize performance and keep all parties on the same page.

And rest assured, this app is easy to use with a design that mirrors conventional paper process that most are used to, making transition simple.

Again, Geowiz’s goal is to make the transition as easy as possible. Drivers with little to no ELD experience can learn it in a matter of days and quickly familiarize themselves with the system. Dispatchers learn fast and apply the skills necessary to run a smooth process.

For a one-time low cost and no monthly fees, Geowiz can provide you the solution to what you need for your fleet. Go to today.


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