WikiMaster – Turn Your Researched Articles into Fun Quizzes


It’s no question that Wikipedia has revolutionized the way we take in information. With tons of articles on virtually any subject, we’ve found the next best thing that can help you learn more from Wikipedia while also having fun.

WikiMaster essentially turns any Wikipedia article you’ve researched into a game by creating quizzes. All you have to do is download the app and search for an article.

WikiMaster will have a quiz based on that article and have over 330,000 multiple choice questions in addition to the Wikipedia articles.

Once you start this, you can earn points (called WOKbits) by answering questions correctly. And if you’re looking to garner more points, the faster you’ll have to answer questions.

At the end of the quiz, you can check your answers to see which ones you got right and wrong. For the answers you got wrong, you can click to learn more about that subject and further educate yourself! Think of it like a hashtag on Instagram.

It’s also no surprise that when you make education fun, there’s a higher chance of retention. And as if making a quiz out of what you researched isn’t already amusing, WikiMaster allows you to challenge other players, known as WOKers, giving a social element to the game.

Known as the Knowledge Network with WikiMaster as the main app combining all the fun in learning, WOK lets you learn from Wikipedia and play trivia. It’s known as a community of knowledge and where WOKers create good and interesting questions in the Wikipedia articles for other WOKers to take.

And similar to other social media apps, each quiz is tagged allowing you to click and follow through to other similar subjects.

Over 350,000 questions have already been made in English, Spanish, and four other languages by the WOK community.

If you wish to download WikiMaster, you can do so for free by visiting the App or Google Play Store today.


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