The Engagement Cards – Building Stronger Relationships Between Employers and Employees

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When you think about it, it’s not surprising that the biggest reason people leave their company is due to a poor relationship with their boss.

Well, luckily, a company called The Piras Group created a unique concept called The Engagement Cards.

Their intention? To help build stronger communication and learning between managers and employees.

The Engagement Cards is a tool that’s been created, tested, and measured to improve employee engagement. It’s basically simple enough for any manager to use with any employee.

These cards will also facilitate conversations that will be chalk full of transparent communication, mutual feedback, learning, and of course, engagement. The Engagement Cards will help promote better and more meaningful conversation that will ultimately lead to a better work environment.

How do you play?

Each deck comes with 56 question cards that are divided into 5 categories related to organization, team, and individual experiences.

The categories are as follows:

  • Getting to Know You
  • Successes and Wins
  • Job Satisfaction and Improvement
  • Learning and Development
  • Direction and Alignment

You can use these categories in one-on-one meetings to remove that “awkward” factor or staff meetings and teams.

These efforts essentially create an environment for proper exchange and dialogue that removes the daunting factor that may accompany a manager-to-employee conversation. The Engagement Cards are intended to eliminate the guesswork of what to say and get the ball on what to say.

In addition, The Engagement Cards offer a free 1/2 consulting session to help plan what you’ll say in conversation and be successful.

Take the stress and that “awkward” factor out of an otherwise difficult situation with gamification!

If you wish to purchase your own set of The Engagement Cards, you can head to


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