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It’s pretty safe to say that parents know how difficult it can be to get their kids to study at home. If it’s one thing we know, however, it’s that kids don’t mind studying when they’re having fun.

A great learning tool that takes this concept to heart? The helio.

The helio is a light projector that emits LED light and shines educational content on the ceiling. It can be used to play games, study, and have interaction family fun. In addition, helio provides soothing light before going to bed.

Helio contains interchangeable discs that reflect the child’s interest and learning level. Their grade-specific discs cover anything from reading to wildlife to vehicles.

For example, if your child wishes to learn more about the solar system, you can put the astronomy disc on and it will illuminate above your child’s bed at night.

In addition, the helio assists children in putting down the iPad and instead using their imagination. With the help of teaching professionals, helio has created a big database for children’s education and entertainment purposes.

By visually and interactively learning, children won’t even notice that they’re studying – which is essentially the objective of what the helio is trying to achieve. With this method of learning, it creates higher content retention while also doubling as a soothing and calming night light.

The helio comes in five different colors for both girls and boys along with five starter discs.

So if you’re interested in your child learning new and interesting topics without even realizing it, then head on over to heliosite.com!


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