FaceChex – Ensuring that Your Private Content Stays Private

Consumer Update

Every time you take photos or videos of private events, you think that that content is private, right? However, the kind of world we live in nowadays doesn’t make this a given by any means.

With social media ever-so rampant, it’s easy enough to steal identities and misuse images. Luckily, FaceChex understands this plight and works to stop third parties from using your private content without your permission.


FaceChex has the latest technology to monitor the internet 24/7 in the event that someone has taken your posted content and used it to their advantage – whether it be to steal your identity, engage in revenge porn, or catfish you or your loved ones.

FaceChex ensures that each of its users whether adults, parents, or teens using social media, will know how to protect themselves.

If someone is using or abusing your content, FaceChex immediately alerts you and then contacts server admins and files legal DMCA-takedowns on your behalf. And for the record, Facebook has even begun to use similar practices because FaceChex is that good.

If you want to start being protected under FaceChex, all you have to do is sign up for a protection plan and simply continue on with your life. FaceChex will take control of your security and stop thieves in their tracks from taking your content.

FaceChex also offers multiple plans to protect yourself or your loved ones – from monthly to yearly options.

If you’re eager to learn more, head over to facechex.com today.


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