Party Play – Let Your Guests Pick The Music


Ever been to a party and been stressed about the kind of playlist you should have? Not only is it a HUGE responsibility, but it’s one that someone shouldn’t have to do alone.

This is where Party Play comes in.

Party Play is an app that lets you and your guests create a collaborative playlist so you don’t have to be so concerned if people will rag on your song choices. Think of it as a free social jukebox that has you share a collaborative playlist with friends, family or other party guests.

How does it work?

Everyone simply downloads the app and connects to Wi-Fi or a hotspot. From there, you can add music to one central playlist.

This essentially means adding any song to the playlist from music you’ve previously downloaded to your phone or any song on the Spotify and Apple Music library.

And if you’re itching for your song to play next, you can set easily set it up to do so. All you have to do is move your song to the top of the queue and wait for it to play!

However, if someone else (another collaborator) is also yearning to play their song pick, he or she can bump your song down in the queue. If this happens, you’ll receive a push notification that will let you know and that you’ll have to start battling your way back to the top again.

Party Play is the perfect addition to your next get-together, but it’s also awesome if you’re somewhere you don’t have access to the internet. Here, you can easily use downloaded music or connect to a hotspot for Wi-Fi use.

But if you’re so keen on your song to be played next, you can purchase “Drops” which are in-app purchases that give you the power to control what’s coming up next on the playlist. Simply, the more Drops you have, the more your favorite music gets played first.

And if you also have an affinity for DJing, but there’s someone else on the rotation, Party Play will send you a notification and give you 20 seconds to battle it out for the top spot.

Party Play not only keeps the party going but can even turn the party into a game itself by competing for music selections. So if you’re interested in this concept, download Party Play for free from the iOS or Google Play stores today.


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