MONDO – So, You Want to Learn Japanese?


It’s easy enough to get lost in our phones, what, with the endless amounts of mobile game playing and social media wormholes. Though, have we ever thought of putting our spare time to more productive use?

Enter, MONDO.

MONDO is a free app for anyone who is interested in learning Japanese.

How do you use it?

You start by selecting what type of Japanese articles you’re interested in, from business news to food, manga and more.

Another feature that MONDO includes is articles displaying the anticipated reading time so you can choose to read shorter or longer articles based on your available time. From here, MONDO introduces you to your own personal newsfeed with articles on the categories that you selected.

You can choose to open the article and read at your own pace or utilize the smart scrolling option.

Pronunciations of Chinese letters, articles with Ruby, help improve your Japanese study more efficiently.

And if you want to save a word that you wish to go back to later, you can save it in your wordbook and take automated quizzes on those words later. Use the word tests and flash-cards function to learn and master both pronunciations and meaning.

MONDO’s objective is to enrich your Japanese vocabulary and help you learn through its “smart study” ability.  It functions as follows:

  • Your Wordbook: Words you look up are automatically saved into your wordbook which creates an automatic dictionary of new words you are learning for future reference and study.
  • Word Test: MONDO creates automated quizzes for you based on the words in your wordbook to help you learn the meaning and the kanji.

In addition, MONDO provides an internal dictionary function. With this, you can tap a word or Chinese letter to immediately check its pronunciation and meaning.

And to make things even a little more life-like, you can virtually shake hands with other users once you compare and chat on what the other is studying.

If you’re interested in learning more about MONDO, you can download the app from the App or Google Play store today!


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