Creative Virtual – Helping Your Brand Be Adaptive in New Ways

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For all the times you need help with your phone bill, bank account or travel reservations, most often you head to the company’s website. When you have a message conversation with a customer service rep that gets you exactly what you need.

However, did you know that the rep is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant created specifically for that company?

With as many innovations that come along constantly, Creative Virtual has tried to work towards keeping a product open that can always be adaptive to new ways in which consumers can engage their brand.

Whether that means ordering products through Alexa or checking account balances through Google Home or texting your company through your phone and getting automated solutions, Creative Virtual stays flexible to whatever new medium that comes along. With Creative Virtual, your business can continue leveraging the incredible work that these new channels have been doing.

Creative Virtual focuses on ensuring that customer experience for the companies they work for is above satisfactory. Overall, Creative Virtual’s goal is to lower the level of effort that customers go through to get answers to their questions.

Creative Virtual provides the following:

  • Customer experience
  • Analyst report
  • 5-point checklist
  • Live Demo

Creative Virtual has experts in all technology verticals and industry sectors. They have conversations with their clients about their business objectives that are well beyond AI solutions or chatbots.

For more information on V Person or the work Creative Virtual is involved in, visit today.


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