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You may as well do it and save a tree! Relying on paper forms in a digital world is just a little obsolete, not to mention silly! They’re time-consuming, riddled with errors, and essentially an outdated way of doing business.

Luckily, we have a solution that’s made it their mission to easily transition from a traditional method to a modern, paperless operation.

It’s called GoFormz

How do you use GoFormz?

  1. Log in to goformz.com and upload a PDF or JPG of your original form
  2. Use GoFormz to create a smart, interactive digital version of your form
  3. Drag and drop the fields you want to add in their easy-to-use editor

Resize them and even add automatic calculations, and new data types, like sketches and images. Once you’ve done this, you just hit save and have a digital, interactive form for your business.

You can capture data electronically with mobile forms that look exactly like your paper forms with any of the following:

  • Mobile forms – upload current forms and GoFormz mobilizes them to work on any iOS or Android device
  • Electronic data – don’t dig through archives and get full access to all of the data you capture on every mobile form
  • Reports – monitor your operations and analyze your business with easy-to-use online reports in GoFormz
  • Collaboration – workflow and notifications to keep everyone informed and ensure procedures are followed
  • Workflow – accelerate flow of information and automate steps in your workflow
  • Integrate – using the GoFormz API to integrate data with other business systems in real time

Fill out forms right from iOS, Android or Windows devices whether they’re online or not.

GoFormz can allow you to choose to use Form View which looks just like a paper form or List View which is optimized for smaller screens.

So what’re you waiting for? Break tradition and get started for as low as $15 a month by heading over to goformz.com today.


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