Arafinn – Immerse Yourself in This First Person Fantasy VR Game

Consumer Update

We’ve covered a slew of games here on NewsWatch, but today we’re going to highlight a one that’s made its mark on immersive gaming.

Return to Nangrim is the first VR installment focused around the Arafinn Universe created by the company Sycoforge.

Take a look at this first person fantasy game for yourself:

This game centers around the story and legacy of the forgotten nation of the Stonebeards who inhabited the hostile realms of the of the Nimbor.

Your mission as a player is to explore, research, solve puzzles, and come up with strategies in order to reveal the secrets of Nangrim.

To make this game even more immersive, each player is going to experience something different with the game as they progress through the story.

When you play Return to Nangrim, you’ll have to have your wits about you in order to make your way through this exciting endeavor. And for those who get scared easily, you’ll need push through in order to protect yourself from dangers that lurk in the dark.

And if you’re a puzzle-solver or riddle enthusiast, it’ll serve you well in order to survive! You must also rely heavily on the ancient knowledge of the Stonebeards which are concealed in tomes and patiently awaiting your discovery.

In the lands of Arafinn, there are over 2,600 cities that are inhabited by more than 600 families which are all yours to explore.

Return to Nangrim will be available soon on all major VR devices. Head to today to learn more.


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