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Consumer Update

Sugar is basically in everything and hard to escape. If you’re a sugar fiend, then you know the struggle of averting the pangs of sweet foods. “Just one more cookie,” or “that’s the last ice cream scoop,” you tell yourself.

Studies have shown that sugary, processed foods that produce behaviors and changes in the brain that would typically be associated with drugs and alcohol.

But hold on, there’s still hope if you’re still on a mission to kicking sugar to the curb.

Enter Seynani.

Seynani’s Sugar Blocker helps break the cycle of sugar addiction. Essentially, the addiction cycle can be summed up by the following:

  1. You eat sugary or starchy foods. You eat them, you like them, you keep eating them.
  2. Blood sugar levels spike leading to a rise in dopamine in the brain as a response to eating sweets or starchy foods.
  3. Blood sugar levels drop and raised insulin levels that drop the blood sugar which also causes fat storage in the body
  4. Increase in hunger and cravings means back to square one with your sugar addiction
  5. Begins with eating sugary food because they taste good, you like them, and you want to keep eating them.

Seynani is an all-natural sugar-blocker that functions by temporarily blocking your ability to taste sugar or artificial sweeteners from unhealthy sweetened foods.

Seynani’s goal with this product is to recondition the brain to not want sugar. By blocking your taste-buds in a safe and temporary way, you’ll create an aversion to desiring sweets.

For example, if you spray it on the tongue and take a bite of chocolate, it’ll taste bitter because you’re not tasting the sugar that’s been loaded into it.

In addition, Seynani is mint flavored so you won’t have a problem using it after every meal or whenever you crave something sweet.

And Seynani makes it easy to return if you’re not satisfied with it. Return it in 30 days and get your money back.

Visit or available at only for $19.99. Order yours today.



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