MailJack+ – Mail Your Documents to Any Mailing List

Consumer Update

Sending mail to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of addresses is tedious and laborious work. From folding paper to printing out the addresses and sealing the envelope, each step is its own process.

Luckily there’s an application that can help out and reduce your postal-mail workload. MailJack+ by Click2Mail reads addresses and mails documents to any mailing list, saving your time and money so you can get back to doing your real work.

Click2Mail’s latest version allows users to set up reusable templates that automate the process of mailing recurring business documents like bills, invoices, statements as well as upload existing documents such as notices and announcements to the system so MailJack+  can send them.

A Click2Mail account is free to create and there’s no subscription fee or minimum mailing quantity. Click2Mail users don’t need to download or install any software to access MailJack+ and using the tool does not incur any additional cost.

MailJack+’s prices are very affordable such as a job to send correspondence to a list of 85 recipients costing less than a dollar each.

The biggest concern you’ll have is wondering what you will do with your free time. That’s quite the dilemma to have, isn’t it?

If you want to give MailJack+ a go, head on over to today.


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