Pet Legz – Print Your Pet on Your Pants

Consumer Update

If you’re a pet lover, then you’ll want to listen to this next product we have in store for you. And though we would love to be able to bring our pets along anywhere, we realistically can’t.

That was, of course, until Pet Legz came along.


It’s exactly as you see it! You take the picture of your dog, cat, bird, etc and have them printed out on a pair of pants! Yep, it’s exactly as you read it. Your pet on your pants.

Pet Legz is a new service that allows you to bring your furry friend around with you anywhere (in one way or another) you go. You can get started by uploading a few photos of your pet and from there, Pet Legz will make a unique pattern. Every item they create is completely customized and personal to the owner. They’re essentially one of a kind, just like your pet.

There are a variety of clothing that you can choose from – leggings in two lengths for both kids and adults and crop tops, socks and more.

And these aren’t clothes you’ll just want to wear at home – I mean, you want to show the world how adorable your pet is, right?! Pet Legz is perfect for running errands, working out, or just walking your pet.

Pet Legz can be either the perfect gift for you or someone else you know who loves their pet. Whether it’s for holidays, birthdays, or a memorial for someone who lost their beloved pet, Pet Legz makes a thoughtful gift for pet lovers/owners.

So if you want to get someone you know a gift or just treat yourself to something that’s one of a kind, head to to start ordering your pants today!


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