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So, if you’ve recently purchased the new iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus, you’re probably looking for some accompanying accessories – that is if you haven’t completely emptied your account from purchasing the phone itself.

However, everyone needs a charger and if it’s wireless, well, that’s even better. So without further ado, enter the Qi Wireless Charger and PQI Smart i-Charger PD 41W by brandzone.

QI Wireless

First up, we’ll talk about the 2 Coil Fast Charge Qi Wireless Charging Stand. This charger allows you to wirelessly charge your phone. It comes with two coils built into the stand, which means no blind spots and a wider charging area.

Qi Wireless Charger charges the following: Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus/S7 edge/S7 edge Plus/S6 edge plus/ Galaxy Note 5/ Nokia Lumia 950/950xl and all Qi-enabled devices.

The stand it comes with can be placed horizontally or vertically so you can be given the option to listen to music, watch a movie, or take a facetime or call while your phone charges.

Next on the list is the PQI Smart i-Charge PD 41 W. This charger works with the latest iPhone X, iPhone 8/8+, MacBook 2016, iPad Pro 2016, Nintendo Switch, and several more items.

This nifty charger charges your phone by 50 percent in less than 30 minutes and has a ton of safety features. These features ensure that your phone or tablet doesn’t overheat or short circuit while charging.

If you are thinking of a gadget kind of gift to give a friend this holiday season, head to gmyle.com or pqi.com today. You can also purchase both chargers during the holidays for $29.99, nearly $10 less than their regular price.



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