SavR – Quickly Add Up Your Savings


If you find that saving money is a struggle, know that you’re not alone and that there’s an app out there to help.

SavR is a convenient app that quickly helps you establish a substantial savings account.

SavR works by connecting you directly to your day to day account and tracks your spending.

Each transaction is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar and your spare change is put into a dedicated savings account. Though it may not seem like a lot, it adds up fast and on top of that, you barely notice it’s “gone.”

On average, users save around $600-$800 a year or more. SavR allows for an alternative way to save money for those bigger bills such as auto insurance, extra gifts during the holidays or to have money to buy something for yourself.

And if you’re into Cryptocurrency, SavR can automatically convert your saved amounts into Bitcoin.

Set your personal savings goal and SavR will make it happen. Even add an additional amount to speed up your savings progress.

If you’re faced with no cash savings or urgently need to create a dedicated SavR account for your baby, simply save for your child’s future with the SavR app.

As a part of the SavR community, users benefit from a range of exclusive offers and discounts.

Download the SavR app from the App Store or head to today!


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