Sled Legs – The Coolest New Winter Product

Consumer Update

So the fall season is tapering off and winter is upon us. With this said, it’s time to brace yourself for snow, snow, and more snow – if you live in the areas that get snow, that is.

For all the snow sledding enthusiasts, this one’s for you. Check out Sled Legs.


Sled Legs is a sled that is strapped to your legs and allows for a fun, hands-free sledding experience.

There are some cheaper sleds out there that suffer in two departments. One, they don’t offer a lot of support, making them uncomfortable and two, they aren’t the most convenient to carry. Sled Legs has set a goal to solve both of these problems.

Sled Legs remains strapped to your legs so you can run up the hill more easily and use your hands for better control. No more chasing your sled down the hill!

Lined with impact absorbing foam that protects your knees and shins, Sled Legs provides a more comfortable ride. In addition, they also provide multi-packs for multiple kids in the family.

These features reduce the chance of injury for both kids and adults. Sled Legs include control runners to help you track as well as flexible leg straps that can adjust for different leg sizes.

And parents, you don’t have to sit on the sidelines anymore. Have fun this winter with your kids when you purchase Sled Legs! With two sizes available, Sled Legs are for the entire family.

So get ready for some serious winter fun when you purchase your set of Sled Legs; the coolest new winter product.

To get yours, head over to today!


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