Gadget Flow – Gadgets for Any Ocassion

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If you’re on the move for seeking cool and unique gadgets, rest assured you may indulge your inner geek.

What we have next up is a curated experience that has you covered no matter what kind of gadget or product you’re looking for.

The platform has over 12,000 products across more than 140 categories, with 12 new additions every day of the year.

Gadget Flow includes various items from Idiegogo, Etsy, Kickstarter, Amazon, and hundreds of other marketplace and e-commerce websites – all placed on one easy-to-use site.

Essentially, you can think of this platform as your one-stop shop for great gifts which eliminates the need to search numerous sites. Using the wish list feature makes searching gifts particularly easy.

Now, here’s where Gadget Flow gets pretty cool. It’s the first platform to introduce Augmented Reality content for commercial products – meaning you can see products in 3D before you purchase.

Some of their products for purchase include:

  • EyeQue Insight DIY Smartphone Vision Screener
  • Archisketch 3D Interior Design Mapping Tool
  • Identity Vault Digital Password Card
  • Unico Smartbrush Oral Hygiene Device
  • And many more

When you use the new AR feature in the iOS 11 Gadget Flow app, you can get a real feel for what the item will look like and how it will fit in your space, helping you avoid buyer’s remorse.

You can also experience some of the products in VR or in 3D through your web browser ->

You can download the Gadget Flow app in the App or Google Play Store today or head to


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