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HOYA Corporation believes that practicing corporate responsibility in day-to-day activities leads to a sustainable society and environment. In addition, they continuously strive to be responsible corporate citizens by taking on global social activities that closely connect to their industry.

PENTAX Medical is a division of HOYA Corporation that conducts a unique CSR activity to raise awareness of the value of endoscopy. Endoscopy can be used for early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of gastroenterological diseases. PENTAX Medical has created a unique lecture for the Tokyo Metropolitan Tama Science and Technology High School on this project.

This project invited 21 students in the 2nd grade to explore the R & D center in PENTAX Medical’s Singapore Office and Singapore General Hospital. Dr. Ken Ohata, Senior Chief Doctor of Gastroenterology at NTT Medical Center in Tokyo, Japan conducted a hands-on endoscopy training with the students. The 21 students had a chance to observe the endoscopy rooms and learn how to operate endoscopes with training models. Their highlights of the tour were seeing the actual clinical site where the largest numbers of Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection procedures in the world occur.

The students learned that therapies leaned towards patient-friendly, minimally invasive endoscopic procedures. Dr. Ken Ohata, known as “The God’s Hand”, met the students and explained his policy of training endoscopists to increase ESD knowledge, a practice that saves lives not only in Japan but also in Russia and China. The children also experienced how team medicine is practiced throughout the hospital alongside state-of-the-art medicine and cutting-edge technologies. Learning that the endoscopes developed in Japan are contributing to saving lives around the world was especially exciting for them.

The last day, the group visited the Pentax medical facilities in Singapore PTE. Jimmy Kewalramani, VP, Marketing, APAC presented about the endoscopy market landscape in Asia and how the APAC Team work together. After the office tour, they visited Singapore General Hospital, the largest hospital in Asia with over 200 years’ history.

PENTAX Medical hope this story raises awareness of the value of early detection, diagnosis and treatment realized with medical endoscopes. For more information, visit


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