Jump – Play High-Quality Games as Much as You Want


We can’t deny it, we live in a subscription-based world. From Netflix to Spotify, we consume media in an endless stream with a once-a-month payment. But for gamers, subscription-based platforms have been a bit of hit or miss process.

So, without further ado on that front, we introduce Jump.

Create by industry vets, Jump is the premier platform for playing high-quality games as much as you want for one low monthly fee. With just top-notch, hand-picked titles, Jump allows unlimited on-demand access through its desktop apps on Windows, Mac, and Linux. For gamers who’ve tried streaming-based game services, when you’re playing a fast-paced game, latency can be a struggle.

When you get with Jump, you can relish in the limitless enjoyment from roguelike dungeon crawlers and artsy platformers to 8-bit narrative puzzlers, turn-based strategy games, and more!

So instead, Jump uses its innovative HyperJump non-streaming delivery system to provide fast game access with minimal download space needed, and zero latency or quality issues.

With over 70 highly rated or award-winning games, Jump is an awesome way to discover fun and creative titles that don’t get the attention like more heavily promoted ones do.

Choose to play games such as The End Is Nigh, Drive! Drive! Drive!, and Always Sometimes Monsters. More games are added every month with further developments coming soon like access to additional platforms and new features.

Jump’s objective is to bring the best with award-winning indie games to quench the thirst for gaming paradise while also providing an eclectic collection.

So bask in the luxury of immediate gameplay and quit having to deal with overnight downloads or shaky video streams. Just simply enjoy the amazing gaming goodness.

In addition, enjoy the zero additional purchases or revolving monthly catalogs. Easily play whenever you choose and for as many times as you want.

If you’re interested in Jump, sign up for a free 14-day trial and after that, Jump is only $9.99 a month. Head to playonjump.com to download today!


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