Sellr – Helping Stores be Found, be Helpful, and to be Valuable

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It goes without saying that competing in the tech-driven retail landscape is a challenge. Store owners need an easier way to engage with their shoppers and to promote products.

So in this event and without further ado, we introduce, Sellr.

Sellr believes that the three biggest problems facing retailers today are proximity, selection, and product value.

Sellr was created in an effort to provide an easy-to-use solution to help with the aforementioned problem areas. Its stores are able to use their online dashboard or mobile app to feature products on their cell or tablets in the aisle on their Sellr website.

Shoppers easily look up product information by scanning a barcode or by using filters to find the products they’re looking for.

With the Sellr tablet, you can find a product such as a wine bottle that has a buttery oak flavor, that pairs well with chicken and is less than $15 in just a few taps.

There’s typically anywhere between 15-25% increase in sales with products promoted on the platform.

Get the most out of your sales, be found, be helpful, and be strategic. Visit today and start selling better. Staff and shoppers are also able to learn more about the products in the store.

Sellr has one of the largest barcode-based content galleries featuring top brands. It essentially allows store owners to focus on running their business without having to focus on creating content.

If you’re interested in engaging better and more effectively with customers, visit today.



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