Audeo B-Direct by Phonak – Changing the Game with Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids

Consumer Update

Though hearing aids have come a long way over the past couple years, they do have some drawbacks. More often than not, they require having a smartphone in order to utilize all the exciting features.

Well, Phonak is changing the game with their newly released Audeo B-Direct, allowing you to universally connect to any Bluetooth enabled phone.

This is a hearing aid that takes into account priorities that people have. They’ve done a lot of research on this market and what they’ve found is that their main priorities are the following:

  • Speech and noise
  • Talking on the phone
  • Access to TV
  • Media at home

Audeo B-Direct has truly taken those priorities that Phonak’s users expressed to them and made them the forefront of their innovation in this device.

When Audeo B-Direct is any situation, it’s constantly monitoring the environment and making adaptations automatically. For example, if it’s in a conference hall filled with people, Audeo B-Direct would pick up a ton of noise that’s reverberant and music playing overhead and make accommodations for those factors.

In addition, it would include a beam to the front of the hearing aid because where the person faces is where their attention is and what their focus is on. In doing so, it will suppress sounds in all other directions.

Audeo B-Direct pairs to ANY Bluetooth phone such as iPhone, Android or non-smartphones with Bluetooth. Phonak prides themselves on this flexibility amongst all users as 80% of its market doesn’t own an iPhone.

If you’re interested in learning more about the latest Bluetooth hearing aids, head to today.


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