RapidX X5 Car Charger – Charge Multiple Devices in Your Vehicle

Consumer Update

When you’re on a long road trip and traveling with a group of people, it’s essential to have several charging ports for your mobile devices.

This is where the X5 Charger comes into play.

The X5 USB Car Charger delivers lightning fast charging speeds while supporting up to 5 devices at once. Its smart recognition technology identifies your device, adjusts to its capabilities, and delivers the fastest charge for that device.

What the X5 Charger offers:

  • 5 intelligent USB ports – detects your device and delivers fast as possible charge
  • 2 USB ports for the front and 3 for the back connected with a 5 ft. cable
  • Up to 2.4 amps per port of 10.8 amps overall
  • Works with 12v-24v vehicle outlets and cigarette lighters

All you have to do is clip the USB hub extension onto your car seat pocket to enable those in the back to charge their devices, tangle-free. This car charger is a high efficient USB charger that is part of a new wave of aesthetically clean electronics.

With its color-accented rubberized finish, the X5 provides flexibility for everyone in the car. For instance, if you’re charging a tablet and charging a smartphone isn’t the same. No more having to constantly switch out phones and devices.

If you’re interested in purchasing your X5 Car Charger for $24.99, you can do so by visiting rapidx.io.


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