Lollipop – Check-in On Your Baby Near or Far

Consumer Update

If you’re a new parent, you know how concerning it can be to leave your baby with someone else. Yeah, there’s always the option to call and check in with the sitter, but that doesn’t beat being able to see your baby with your own eyes.

That’s where Lollipop comes in.

Lollipop is a unique, remarkable and intelligent high-quality video-based baby monitor that’s designed to look after your little one(s).

This nifty gadget is a WiFi smart baby monitor that allows you to see what your baby is up to. Lollipop constantly monitors your child and will send you a push notification if your baby is crying. And in case you may wonder how accurate it is to detect actual crying, rest assured it can differentiate between crying and ambient noise.

Another feature about Lollipop is that it has soft tones and a friendly design in pleasant colors. It’s designed for easy use and has soft and rounded contours. Position it appropriately so you can keep an eye on your baby. The focus will be where you need it and doesn’t require an expert to set it up.

With Lollipop, you can be near or far and still be able to see your baby. It offers far more than a simple feed to a single location. It offers the ability to turn the camera and broadcast to the net. And if you have to share your viewing experience with anyone, it provides a link to send to others. All that’s needed is a tablet or smartphone. You can also share images to social networks such as Facebook – but only with your permission.

So if you’ve got a baby shower to attend, this device makes a good gift. Or if you’d simply like to keep eyes on your newborn, visit their website at today!



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