Playport – Mobilizing Real Money Games


What is Playport exactly? It’s a patented mobile application that uses smartphone shopping technology like the powerhouses, Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes, to enable the purchase of new-style digital instant win and progressive games.

Playport by Shoutz Gaming Systems is changing how instant win games are played and sold by offering players more choice and a better gameplay experience through the use of mobile-based e-commerce.

In addition, it eliminates the requirement for pre-printed tickets and retail terminal printers, permitting players to select and play from a vast library of instant games on a mobile device wherever, whenever they want.

Playport allows for the collection of player contact information, demographic, geographic and purchase characteristics and the opportunity to conduct surveys, remarketing campaigns and introduce custom-branded games and promotions.

Their platform-based model sustains innovation by expanding its functionality to promote player loyalty and engagement by allowing for the following:

  • Opportunity to conduct insightful surveys
  • Introduction of retailer branded games and promotions and game sponsorship with 3rd party product and content providers

To get started, you simply download any participating retailer’s app, select the games you want to add to your shopping list, pay for the games at your local retailer, then play the games on your phone whenever you like.

Instant win games generate billions of dollars annually toward good causes, such as education and senior programs.

Playport aims to help expand that amount by bringing a new digital gaming experience to an increasingly tech-savvy consumer.

If you’re interested in seeing what Playport is all about, head to


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