Red Panic Button – The Help You Need All in One Tap


Probably one of the biggest concerns is knowing that our loved ones remain taken care of and these days, you can never be too careful when it comes to safety. Luckily with smart technology, we can assist no matter where we are.

Enter Red Panic Button.

This distress and safety app sends alerts to emergency contacts whenever the user is in danger or in need of assistance. All that’s required is to tap the button in order to send a text and an email to everyone in the emergency contact list.

The message consists of the nature of your emergency as well as GPS coordinates of your location.

If the user, for example, is in a situation where he or she is unable to speak, the app allows you to snap a picture or record a short video to accompany your message. If you’re unable to reach your phone, the app allows you to trigger the panic message from your smartwatch.

With this safety app being able to send to your entire emergency contact list, it ensures that you will receive assistance even if the message isn’t read by everyone. Odds are someone is going to see it and be able to get to you immediately. You also have the option of sending a panic tweet to your followers.

This app is especially useful if you’re any of the following:

  • Disabled
  • Pregnant
  • Have children

If you find yourself wishing you had a safety app in the event of emergency situations, download the Red Panic Button app for free in the Google or App Store today.


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