Bripe – A Shot of Coffee in a Pipe

Consumer Update

All it took was two friends with a vision that combined the indulgence of both a wonderful coffee beverage and the excitement of thrilling adventures to create an awesome product.

What these two friends created? An ultra-light, ultra-portable, coffee brew pipe called Bripe. The purpose of this? To get an awesome coffee shot in less than 3 minutes.

The steps to use Bripe are as follows:

  1. Place filter to cover stem hole
  2. Add ground coffee (or tea)
  3. Add water. Stir in with ground coffee or tea.
  4. Brew with quad jet torch and stir. Max temperature of 185°F/85°C
  5. Cool to 140°F/60°C. If desired, add sugar and milk
  6. Blow air into the stem to make bubbles. Suck brew through stem and enjoy!

The Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe Kit includes:

  • The Bripe
  • Quad jet torch
  • Resusable variable filter
  • Base cooling plate
  • Thermometer
  • Carrying case
  • Coffee tube

If you’re going on an adventure and yearning to explore, why not take some coffee with you? – And in a fun form at that.

With Bripe, you can also expect recipes such as those who don’t enjoy black coffee as much as a latte of those who are more tea drinkers.

You think Bripe is something you’d be interested in? Go ahead, embrace the adventure and start brewing your coffee on the go. Visit to learn more.


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