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When a business or team becomes successful, it’s usually due to efficient organization and smooth communication. When these two factors, however, become neglected, we’re left with dropped balls, double the workload, out-of-wack workflow and a ton of frustration.

So, who has the time or even wants to deal with all that? Well, good thing there’s Zillable.

Zillable is the ultimate solution when it comes to online collaboration tools for big and small businesses alike. It provides one central location and app for all of your team’s needs. In addition, it contains chat spaces for instant messaging, real-time online document collaboration, and project management boards to keep everyone on the same page.

When you have Team Chat, you can stay connected, reduce email correspondence, and build a more agile team with a transparent, real-time chat channel for all your spaces, topics, projects, and teams. Zillable also helps you protect confidential work with private space channels so you can work without going public.

If you need a better representation, Zillable is similar to Facebook. Think timeline and updates, but for co-workers. Your team chat keeps everything in a central location and allows for emails to be forwarded to the platform. Projects of your choosing are visually represented on boards and links between boards recreate workflows.

With zDoc, you’ll receive simultaneous, real-time document collaboration – kind of what Google Docs should have been.

When you get with Zillable, you’ll get with the following:

  • Idea generation
  • Apply analytics
  • Get inspired
  • Create knowledge
  • Solve challenges
  • Harvest inventions

So start managing your work dynamically and efficiently while keeping everything transparent. You can choose to start with the free basic version or sign up for a paid premium plan to unlock more features.

Interested in getting started? head over to zillable.com today to learn more.


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