Ecobee4 – Smart WiFi Thermostat

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Being one of the most popular trends in technology over the past few years is home automation. These days, we can control different aspects of our home using phones, watches, and voices.

Well, the latest innovation in this space is the ecobee4. ecobee4 is a voice-controlled smart Wi-Fi thermostat.

This smart gadget is the first thermostat that has Amazon’s Alexa built in, allowing users to control the temperature of their home by simply asking – from anywhere in the room may we add.

In addition, ecobee4 lets you monitor and control the temperature of multiple rooms from your smartphone, tablet or Apple Watch by using the ecobee app.

Other features ecobee4 contains is compatibility with ecobee room sensors that measure both room temperature and occupancy. The purpose of this is to regulate multiple rooms intelligently and help manage hot or cold spots for better comfort and lower energy costs.

With the ever-growing list of Alexa skills, the ecobee4 can complete commands such as setting a timer, predicting your commute or reading the news.

And while voice and remote controls are important, the ecobee4 will help you save up to 23% a year on your energy bill. So, if you’re yearning to save money and control your home temperature with your voice, pick up your very own ecobee4 today.

Available for $249 in the US online and in stores at Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, Amazon, and ecobee4 comes with one room sensor in the box.

And if you’re interested, you can purchase additional room sensors in packs of two for $79.

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