KISSFLOW – Get a Handle on Workflow Efficiency

Biz Report

It’s safe to say that running a business involves a lot of moving parts. From purchase requests to sales orders and travel reimbursement, those kinds of things are required to be kept track of so things can run smoothly.

And if you were dying to know, that’s where KISSFLOW comes in.

KISSFLOW is a business process management software that allows you to create your own automated processes, input request, and much more.

Using pre-installed apps -even ones you’ve created on your own, KISSFLOW sets out to be an all-in-one place to help maximize workflow efficiency.

Instead of relying on sending, replying to and receiving copious amounts of emails, KISSFLOW is a the leading self-service platform that addresses the faults in running an everyday business and simplifies it with automation and real-time updates.

And though these results are nothing to scoff at, KISSFLOW makes this platform simple to use and requiring little to no knowledge of coding. Easily enhance your productivity of your team by breaking down the complexities of daily tasks and create clear communication throughout the office.

When you have KISSFLOW, never remain concerned about a missed deadline, or forgotten travel expenses again. Time is money and your peace of mind only comes at $9 a month per person with the opportunity for bulk pricing at larger companies.

So do you and your business a favor by generating an orderly workflow when you head to today.


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