ReviveAds – Your Ultimate Ad Block Solution

Unlike the past, content is available at your fingertips at anytime whenever you need it. And though consumers become accustomed to an “everything on the internet is free” mentality, in actuality, content costs money.

Typically, we need to sit through a 30-second ad, but these days nearly 50% of people on the internet are using some form of ad blocker.

Enter ReviveAds.

ReviveAds is simply the solution to this problem. It’s in fact, the only ad block solution on the market that combines ad block prevention with their own ad platform.

The objective is to eliminate barriers and regain revenue for publications and websites. Through 6 different levels of protection, ReviveAds hits ad blocking software at every level.

For instance, Level 1 is the least aggressive solution-detection of ad blocking software and the replacement of ads with real content and ads that can be monetized.

In the event of pages that are facing 40% of their visitors using ad block, ReviveAds has a Level 6. It can be customized to your personal needs and ads can be re-displayed after being blocked. In addition, the user has the ability to block ads again by submitting their email or by paying. This option is called Ad Block Choices and are endorsed by They even have their own coalition called

So, if you want to find out how to begin using ReviveAds software, head over to today.


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