Hype Type – Make Your Stories Stand Out


Have you heard that there are a whopping 300 million snapchats sent each day? And that’s not even as popular as Instagram, with 250 million active daily users.

So, between the popularity on Snapchat and Instagram, how do you make sure your stories on these platforms standout?

Well, that’s where Hype Type comes in. Hype Type is an app that makes sure your stories on Instagram and Snapchat get remembered.

How do you play?

  • Be somewhere cool and having something insightful or slightly inappropriate to say
  • Film it or snap it with their handy story-ready cam. It handles multiple clips Vine (RIP) style or single photos
  • Drop some knowledge via written word
  • Choose a style and color scheme that fits the vibe
  • Adjust wherein the clip the text shows and for how long. Turn your video upside down, flip it, and reverse it. Make it fast or make it slow – whatever floats your boat.

You start by taking a photo or video like normal.  But then you can add animated text to your photos and videos. You can choose from tons of automatically designed templates, pick from color palettes, and even time captions so they appear when you want.

There’s also features within Hype Type for you to add music directly from iTunes and adjust the timing of the music, giving you the appearance of a professional video. After that, you can save the stories to your camera roll and upload them directly to Instagram or Snapchat. Or if you want something more permanent on your Insta, you can shoot in different aspect ratios.

If you want to make your stories stand out, search for Hype Type in the App Store today.


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