Convince Me – How Persuasive Are You?

Consumer Update

Picture this: the things you could accomplish if you or the children in your life just had better powers of persuasion. Of course, we’d like to think that you’d use the power of persuasion for good.

So, if you had the opportunity to convince your friend to do something they’re unsure of, could you do it? Could you convince them while hopping on one foot? While spinning around?

The circumstances are endless when you play the fun card game, Convince Me.

Convince Me provides limitless opportunities to play out your most persuasive personality traits through words and action while engaging in a fun and social game.

Here’s what you have to do:

Separate the purple and orange cards. The purple player deals an orange card to each orange player and then reads aloud a purple card. This card may say something like “Convince me to give you $10,000.” Then the orange player selects an action from their orange card.

The orange card may say something like “I’ll convince you while doing jumping jacks” or “I’ll convince you while using a prop from the room.” The orange player must try and convince the purple player while performing their action.

The objective of the game is to collect the most purple cards. You can take this game anywhere and play it for any amount of time as well. The point is to have fun!

If you’re interested in purchasing Convince Me and finding out the power of your persuasion, head to today.


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