ShelterZoom – Real Estate Offer and Acceptance App Based on Blockchain Technology


There’s probably a good chance that you’ve heard the word, “blockchain,” being thrown around. Especially as the system allowing for the transaction of Bitcoins. But wouldn’t you know, its application is far more reaching.

Enter ShelterZoom.

ShelterZoom is a real estate offer and acceptance app based on blockchain technology. In other words, ShelterZoom is looking to “up” the transparency and security of real estate transactions while eliminating the god-awful paperwork.

Let’s get down to how it works. You can essentially use the ShelterZoom platform by simply clicking the widget titled “Offer NOW” on any participating website. This will set in motion the offer process using blockchain.

All parties see on the dashboard and receive notifications in real time through the app and browser every step of the way. In case you hadn’t put it together, transparency is the name of the game.

Simply, in a market where you want everything on the table and nothing hidden, ShelterZoom delivers with a reliable streamlined process.

The app further includes a chat feature that further encourages being open and forthcoming.

The Offer NOW widget can be integrated into any website that features real estate listings while the service itself is free to all users throughout the beta period, with a small fee for submissions thereafter.

For more information on how to start using this revolutionary system, head over to today.



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