Nu-Care – Wearable Heating Solution for Women on Their Menstrual Cycles

Consumer Update

Ladies, when the time of the month comes around, we know how painful it can be. Menstrual cramps can range anywhere from mildly to severely painful and depending on how much pain you’re willing to bear, there’s a solution that may be able to relieve your discomfort completely.

This is a solution that doesn’t leave you bedridden in order to work. Instead, it’s a wearable heating pad.

It’s called Nu-Care.

Nu-Care is a wearable heating solution for women to wear while they’re on their cycle. It’s lightweight, soft, and can fit directly under your clothing.

Nu-Care provides three different ways you can heat yourself: from the front, back, or in both areas – if that’s where you feel discomfort.

There are also two different styles of Nu-Care for you to wear – Cutie, which has pink lace and Lady, which is plain black.

Both of these styles have a battery pocket in the back with a power bank that holds power for four 30-minute sessions.

In addition, Nu-Care also has a power-on switch for you to easily start and stop the heat.

So, if your cramps are bothersome, but you want to still be able to go about your day as normal, look into Nu-Care today. Check them out on Indiegogo!


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