Teamup Calendar for Groups – Sharing Plans, Scheduling Events, and Communicating Statuses All in One Place


When it comes to working as a team when you’re a part of a business, it’s imperative to be on the same page as your colleagues. Though most people have tried Google or Outlook calendars, they’re just not entirely group-focused.

For sharing plans, scheduling events, communicating statuses, and more, there’s Teamup Calendar.

Teamup Calendar for Groups is a shared calendar that simplifies how groups share plans, collaborate on events, and communicate statuses.

Here’s how you get started: once you’ve created a Teamup Calendar for Groups, you can send web links to other team members. From there, everyone on the team with a link can begin updating the calendar.

And if you like to color code, Teamup Calendar for Groups makes that an option too! You can organize by colors using color-coded sub-calendars for different people, places, events, shared resources and more!

You can also add or edit events in several ways – you can plan recurring events, drag-and-drop as changes occur, switch to one of nine views, prevent double-booking, setup email notifications, and integrate into other applications.

All updates are immediately available to all users across all devices, anytime, anywhere. You can easily share the calendar with people – all you need is a link. In addition, access is a breeze – each user is identified by the name of the link used to access the calendar and any changes are tracked in the edit history or via notifications.

So, if you’re in need of a calendar and want to communicate more efficiently, check out Teamup Calendar for Groups by heading to


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