Safelumin LED Emergency Light Bulb – Illuminate Your Space Without Electricity

Consumer Update

It’s always unpredictable when the power goes out – not to mention the most inconvenient. It’s likely that your initial move is to find a candle or search for a flashlight.

When the power goes out at night, that’s even a tougher situation. Though these can be considered quick fixes, they aren’t a secure or effective solution.

Well, you know what the deal is. Our mission is to help you find a solution to the problem. Enter Safelumin LED emergency light bulb.

Safelumin LED emergency light bulb is exactly what you need in order to make sure your home or office is safely illuminated.

Safelumin is a high-quality power outage LED light bulb that screws into your normal lamp or light fixture. From there, it charges when the light is on and stops charging when the battery is full.

If the power goes out and the light is on, it will go out for 1 second, then it’s back on again. Even if the switch is off, the light will still work. Just flip the switch on.

Safelumin can also last up to three hours of straight uninterrupted use – so when the power unexpectedly goes out, you’re not fumbling around in the dark looking for a light source.

And though the power is out, you can still use the switch on the light fixture to conserve the bulb’s battery. Both the ON and OFF will still work without any power.

So, if you wish to know that your loved ones are always safe or you too want to stay protected in the event of a power outage, head over to or search for them on Amazon.


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