Board Bootie – The Best Way to Maintain Your Snowboard

Consumer Update

The thick of winter is upon us so for those who love to ski and snowboard, this one’s for you.

Whether you’re a professional snowboarder or purely an enthusiast, there’s a way to always maintain your snowboard. What’s that way, you ask? It’s called Board Bootie.

Board Bootie helps to keep your edges sharp, maintains your wax job, and collects melted ice to ensure that it doesn’t get all over your house or car.

This collapsible snowboard carrier and cover was made to be super simple and convenient. The best part about it? It takes only a few seconds to put on your board before you head out. And when you’re ready to ride, just remove it, collapse it, and strap in.

Board Bootie folds up small enough to fit in your jacket pocket – that’s some efficiency right there.

Once you feel like you can’t snowboard anymore, just unfold your Board Bootie and put it back on. The backpack straps will allow you to walk hands-free.

And of course, you don’t have to be concerned about scuffs made to your board or your car as you struggle to fit the board inside for the ride home.

So, if this kind of product tickles your fancy, you can purchase this unique snowboard accessory at or at Buckman’s Ski and Snowboard Shops in PA.

Board Bootie. Some things just shouldn’t be naked!


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