Pelecoin – Take Higher Chances in Cryptocurrency with Lower Risk

Consumer Update

You’ve probably heard one or two things when it comes to the topic of cryptocurrency. If not, then there’s a good chance that you’re living under a rock.

While some have jumped on the bandwagon of investing in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, the vast majority are still holding back due to a seemingly volatile and complex market.

Basically, if you trek on the paths of cryptocurrency, you’ll have to be comfortable with the several risks involved.

Pelecoin, however, is a solution that mitigates some of these risks.

The Pelecoin System is a software platform that allows simultaneous mining of a basket of up to 50 different cryptocurrencies. In other words, it lets you diversify your investment.

Pelecoin’s System also includes a trading algorithm that liquidates the most profitable coins and/or trades them to up the value of the basket. This helps get rid of the headache associated with lack of liquidity and because you can send, receive and store via a standard Ethereum wallet, it has a high level of reliability.

Other features Pelecoin offers are:

  • Every user may be a partner – Pelecoin System (PLCS) is a cryptocurrency token that participates in the operations and planned development activities of the Pelecoin System. Proceeds accrued by PLCS will be shared with PLCS token holders in proportion to their PLCS holdings
  • Pelecoin mining is optimized – provides an easy-to-use, downloadable software for PLCN mining
  • Coins received from mining are instantly converted into the currencies of the PLCN basket
  • The user account is credited with the PLCN coins, which can easily be converted into other currencies
  • And more

The Pelecoin System is based on the principles of Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs traded on the stock market with the added diversification of hedging.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Pelecoin, head over to today!


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