Squaggle – The Ultimate Children’s Tablet

Consumer Update

Living in an evergrowing digital world, cutting-edge devices like smartphones and tablets can be found in nearly every household and have become a part of our daily lives.

Unfortunately, the downside is that kids can be found staring at these little screens for hours on end.

Not only can it be a hassle to pry your kids from the device, it’s frightening what they could be exposing themselves to with free reign and internet access.

Luckily, Squaggle offers a solution


Squaggle offers a bigger, better, and faster tablet designed just for kids. It provides the biggest screen, the most included award-winning apps, the highest resolution cameras, the longest lasting battery, and the best speakers.

In fact, the makers of Squaggle are parents coming from a technical background set out to find a solution when it comes to kids hogging the tablet.

Squaggle is a tablet that’s a perfect solution for your kids, giving them quality edutainment apps and protecting them from inappropriate content.

The tablet also includes 62 of the best award-winning apps, making them both educational and fun. Each had to pass rigorous screening tests before they were included.

Squaggle automatically blocks all inappropriate websites, videos, and of course, in-app purchases.

In addition, the kid-proof case keeps the tablet secure and comes in a variety of fun colors.

If you’re interested in purchasing Squaggle for your child, simply search “Squaggle” when you head over to kickstarter.com.

It’s the #1 gadget campaign in the “Just for Kids” category!


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