Waves Glasses – Protect Your Eyes From More Than Just The Sun

Consumer Update

Probably the most popular way to protect our eyes from the sun would be from wearing sunglasses. But did you know that your eyes should be protected even if you’re indoors?

That’s where Waves comes in.

Waves is a hands-free device that you can wear indoors and outdoors and will continuously protect your eyes.

First, Waves protects us indoors from the harmful blue lights emitted from screens like our computers, phones, tablets, and televisions.

But Waves Glasses don’t just help while we’re looking at a screen because they also double as sunglasses to protect us from the UV rays while we’re outdoors.

Waves’ objective is to also protect your ears so they’ve implemented a new technology called bone conduction. This means that the sound is transmitted through your skull, keeping your eardrums safe.

With this feature, you can listen to music and answer phone calls. And if you have a prescription, no worries! Waves can personalize your pair to your eyes.

And of course, Waves Glasses are totally stylish and scratch resistant, water resistant, with anti-glare and self-darkening. These are some pretty self-sustaining glasses if you ask us!

Waves Glasses ensures you get the health benefits when you make its purchase. These include:

  • 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Protection against CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome)
  • Assists with headaches and eye discomfort caused by prolonged exposure to electronic devices, including televisions.

To learn more, search for Waves on Indiegogo today.


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