3D Click – A Mockup of Your Product Made Easy

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If you’ve ever tried to bring a product to the market, you understand how difficult it can be. Fortunately, there are tools out there like 3D Click that can help streamline the process.

3D Click is a packaging ecosystem for you to customize, collaborate, and validate P.O.S. It allows you to customize packaging directly in 3D and validate it at the point of sale through Augmented Reality and 3D Printing without requiring 3D expertise

There are ways to use 3D Click. First, you can upload your own 3D model or choose a model from your library with over 400 options, and if that doesn’t cut it, you can pick from the manufacturer’s catalogs.

3D Click’s products include:

  • 3D Click Builder
  • 3D Catalogue Builder
  • 3D Click Viewer
  • Company Page

From there, you can upload your images and graphics and create your test graphics in real time. You can also annotate your mockup, explore it in 360 degrees and collaborate privately with your team.

3D Click takes it up a notch by allowing you to see how your product looks in the POS and on the shelf using their AR technology and seeing how your product measures up to the competition. And if you’re satisfied with everything, you can instantly send your design to print in 3D.

And if you’re looking for a little more assistance when it comes to creating and designing your packaging, 3D Click has a team of professionals waiting to help you out.

If you’re interested in mocking up a product or building a prototype, head to 3dclick.click.


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